If you know the artist of an uncredited piece, please let me know! 90% of all art here is found solely on 4chan and pixiv. Since 4chan is an anon image board, no credit/information will ever be available to those who download the images. Like so.

If you know the artist(s) by any chance, do let me know! Send me any and all information in a message to either of my inboxes and I will gladly credit the piece right away. If you are the artist however and you do not wish to keep your art on the blog, just identify your art on the page and I’ll take it down no questions asked. I’ll apologize beforehand if I caused any sort of trouble. I do not claim any art whatsoever.

What is yaoi? What’s the difference between yaoi and slash?

Yaoi is the Japanese term for “boy love”. I will post only boy/boy images here. Slash and yaoi are the exact same thing, except that slash is the western term for it. What do you post here? What isn’t allowed? I post just about everything here, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I will post bara, I will post shota, I may even post a bara shota incest combo all at the same time, and I could careless if you are offended by it. You may either easily unfollow me or put up with it. No matter how many requests I will recieve to stop posting a certain genre (which is rare) I will not. Sorry! I also post traps and self-cest here too. A few things I don’t post here are futa, furry and guro. I have nothing against these three, I just chose not to post them on the blog.

What do all those terms mean?

Shotacon is the attraction to younger boys, the male equivalent of Lolicon. South Park, for example when slashed, is considered shotacon because the boys are not of legal age. A commonly known shota character is “Honey” of Ouran Host Club. This is argued because Honey may look boyish, but in reality he is of legal age. A opular OVA known as Boku no Pico is also a very detailed exmaple of shotacon. 

Furries are those who take an attraction to animals who have human like characteristics or personalities. Many people get this fandoms confused with other minor genres. (E.g. Nekos.) If you enjoy a character with cat ears and a tail, you are not a furry. If you enjoy a character that is full on cat who wears human clothes/has a human personality, you may be a furry.

Futa is short for futanari, which means “dual form”. It’s genre revolves around hermaphrodites, those who own both sex organs. Guro often depicts sexuality with a violent twist. Limbs can be removed, intestines can be completelty visible and blood is common in this genre. One or all partners may even die or already be deceased during sexuality activity. However, they do not need any or all of these traits to be considered guro.

Bara is another sub-genre that focuses mainly but not limited to gay men with plenty body hair and bulging muscles. In contrast to yaoi, where the males are often compared to females because of their soft looks, bara depicts men as overly masculine.

Traps are feminine looking males that are often dressed in female clothes. Hence why they are called “traps”; they intend to pull in straight males and “trap” them despite being male. The most common traps are usually put in the cliche outfits: maids, nurses, teachers, ect. A considerable trap would be Grell, of Black Butler.

Below is a banner that helps you identify the groups. Image is NSFW. Click for fullsize.

What are rules 34 and 64?

Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.
Rule 64: Every female character has a male version, and vice versa.

Can I submit something? Does it have to be my work?

Of course, by all means please do! And yes, that is acceptable too! Be sure to tag the image with the right characters and series if at all possible.

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